Extended Global Services, Inc. is exclusively focused on providing the very best services to our clients including but not limited to;


Extended Global Services, Inc. (EGS) professionally bales new, secondhand/used clothes and all types of garments. Our sophisticated machines help reduce shipment sizes which in turn enables our clients ship more while saving more too. We bale all kinds of clothes and garments as per the customer specifications. Baling is done in our warehouse upon delivery & instructions from our clients. Sorting is done by customers before baling. Sorting service is also available and done by the EGS staff upon request by a client. Our customers takes advantage of the Extended Global Services, Inc. (EGS) affordable pricing to save and utilize shipping spaces.

Export & Selling

We buy and sell secondhand/used clothes, house hold items (rags, bedsheets, comforters, towels, etc.) and shoes. Our team of experts solely sorts and bales this items before shipping to our customers around the globe in 20ft or 40ft containers. We pick only the highest quality garments free of defects and any production errors. Clothes are separated into various groups, i.e. separating men’s & women’s jeans, separating blouses into cotton, silk, siphon, sweater tops, & ladies t-shirt, etc. All Extended Global Services, Inc. (EGS) items are grade 1. We separate extra-large clothes from others. No torn clothes, or shoes are baled for shipping. Baling is done in our warehouse by our staff. All of our exports are processed in our facility using one of the industry's most sophisticated material handling systems. Our advanced mechanization enables us to produce high-quality grades on a consistent basis.


With our affiliate Savannah Cargo, we provide shipping services to various destinations around the world. Shipping is available once a month. With scheduled and appointments, we provide free pick up of customers’ cargo to our shipping warehouse in Fort Worth. Contact us for more information.