Our Company – Shipping baled clothes, house hold items & shoes

Our mission is to work to the satisfactory of our customers and our customer’s demand is our interest. The Extended Global Services, Inc. (EGS)’s core principle is, “the customer comes first”. Extended Global Services, Inc. (EGS) started with a common goal to reduce sizes of packed clothes shipped overseas. The Extended Global Services, Inc. is a family generated small scale business engineered in helping our clients save some expenses spent on shipping. We are a small team of experts dedicated to helping our customers reduce the sizes of packed clothing shipped to loved ones, or for business overseas. Our outstanding services will therefore reduce and save our clients a lot of money that could have been spent in shipping several bags/boxes of clothes. Because of demand and accessibility, Extended Global Services, Inc. (EGS) is now shipping baled clothes, house hold items & shoes in 20ft or 40ft containers to various destinations around the globe. We produce and sell quality grades of secondhand/used clothing and shoes to markets worldwide. Currently, Extended Global Services, Inc. (EGS) transit its shipment to Kenya, among other global destinations. We strive to deliver fast selling products at the lowest possible prices, delivered in the shortest time possible to our customers. EGS enables our clients become more profitable and sell their inventory quickly and easily by providing quality merchandise for much less. Extended Global Services, Inc. (EGS) is therefore the very best of its kind in baling services, bale production and shipping. Our goal is to help our clients ship more, save more and make more profit. baled clothes