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Extended Global Services


We professionally bale all types of fabric materials including new and secondhand/used clothes. This helps reduce shipment sizes which in turn enables our clients ship more while saving more too.

Extended Global Services

Export & Selling.

We export and sell all types of garments including secondhand/used clothes, shoes, and all house hold stuff. Our team solely sorts and bales this items before shipping to our customers around the globe in 20ft or 40ft containers.

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With our affiliate Savannah Cargo, we provide shipping services to various destinations around the world.

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Extended Global ServicesExtended Global Services, Inc. (EGS)’s corporate goal is to exceed your expectations. We work hard and strive to offer our customers the very best baling services, merchandise and shipping services for the lowest prices possible. The genesis of EGS was to help clients save shipping expenses by reducing the shipment sizes in baling process. EGS also exports used/secondhand clothes, shoes, and house hold items to various destinations around the world. Our bales are sized and packed into 100 lbs. (45 kg) each.
Baling process is professionally done in our Extended Global Services, Inc. (EGS) warehouse in Garland, Texas, by our outstanding staff. Sorting and grouping of merchandise is extensively done before baling to ensure quality manufacture of bales. All our items are grade A. With our affiliate Savannah Cargo, we provide shipping services at the most affordable rates.
Extended Global Services, Inc. (EGS) motto is: Your success Our success!


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 Baling to Loading

A/ Extended Global Services, Inc. (EGS) team of experts solely sorts clothes, shoes & any house hold items into various groups i.e. children clothes separated into two groups, (mini & medium), men jeans separated from women jeans, etc.

B/ After grouping clothes, we weigh them into 100 pounds (45 kg) each.

C/ Then we use our contemporary bale machines to professionally bale this clothes according to groups sorted. Each bale weighing 100 lbs. (45 kg)

D/Each bale is labeled according to group sorted. With specific orders from our clients, bales are loaded into a 20ft or 40ft container ready for shipping to our customers’ destinations.